Romeo and Juliet is a film about young love that doesn’t have a happy ending. I did not understood the film by words but I got the message from their action and emotions. The director used metric montage which is effective  to show other feelings coming from the film. There are a lot of tonal montage in each scene  which was very obvious and it helped me understood the film even more. The mood montage shown in the film gave me an idea  that the story of the film was not in modern age. It showed me how the English language was so different before from today, houses are bigger and clothes are thicker, somewhat strange. If I were to wear those kind of clothes, I don’t think I could walk with it. Lastly , the impact montage which was the death of Romeo and Juliet brought sadness and so many questions in my mind.

To sum up, I did not liked the movie at all. It’s kind of stupid to commit suicide without knowing the truth.