Tinimbang ka ngunit kulang or Weighed but found wanting is a film made by Lino Brocka which is starred by Christopher De Leon, Hilda Koronel, Lolita Rodriguez and Eddie Garcia. 1                    2                            3


It is about  people in the society and how they are easily judged. Junior (Christopher De Leon) was an only child of a wealthy family and has a very beautiful girlfriend who was a total flirt. She was found pregnant but the child is not Junior’s its from another guy. His father was a womanizer and his mother is materialistic and the people on their church were gossipers. Can you imagine how they treat the leper, Berto and the traumatized lady, Kuala? They never wanted to go near Berto because they are afraid that they might get his illness, they say that he should be alone! They didn’t even let him through a bar because of what he has. On the other hand, Kuala was always made fond of the towns people because of her innocence in everything she does. In a wake she was given an alcoholic drink and was watched by every men peeing in her pants. Not long after that incident, Berto made Kuala his wife and had their own child, but both of them died in the end that’s why Junior was the one who took care of the child since he was a close friend of the couple.