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The Fourth Man

The Fourth Man is a film full of symbolic things, just like how the main character saw the lady in blue, he said that it was Mama Mary and that she saved him from being killed. The spider was also a symbolic figure for the woman. Just like a female spider the woman in the film seduces men then kills them, next was from his dreams, he dreamt of the cemetery where the lady in blue was, she was holding a basket of flowers with a key on her left hand, she lead him into a room where there are three dead pigs hanging upside down with its blood dripping on a pail. When he woke up, the lady showed him something from her spare bedroom, it was the key and the design on the door in his dream, then and there he found three films about his three husbands whom she killed. There is also one part in the film where they made love near the beach, when the camera zoomed out of the scene it looked like as if they were in a cemetery. It was a symbol of death actually. It was a great movie and at the same time creepy, I just didn’t like the part where the guy kissed the woman’s lover it’s just gross.

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My professor once asked our class “Class who do you think is a better director? The one who entered a film school or those directors who discovered how films were created?” I raised my hand and answered his question, “Sir I think the better directors are those who entered the film school.” he didn’t say I was right or wrong because the answer to his question is, “There is no one better than any of them.” Both of them are actually great film makers, first is because the older directors never studied everything, they figured everything by themselves and eventually they passed it on to the aspiring directors, which is being studied in film schools now. They are only being judged or criticized by how they create their films, by how they construct it. A director will always be a director, no matter how ugly their films are.

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When a person asks me, “What is Classic Hollywood Style?” it only reminds me of three things. A hero, its goal and a happy ending. This is the meaning of classic Hollywood style. Some of us may wonder why most Hollywood films has a happy ending, it is because it sells, I mean people would watch it not because of how actors or actresses act but because of how directors made its structure. It always captures emotions from the viewers, and may i say that Classic Hollywood Style is the best for us Filipinos to watch for it has a happy ending. Filipinos as we know are melodramatic and would always want a happy ending and a plot that is easy to understand.

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Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet is a film about young love that doesn’t have a happy ending. I did not understood the film by words but I got the message from their action and emotions. The director used metric montage which is effective  to show other feelings coming from the film. There are a lot of tonal montage in each scene  which was very obvious and it helped me understood the film even more. The mood montage shown in the film gave me an idea  that the story of the film was not in modern age. It showed me how the English language was so different before from today, houses are bigger and clothes are thicker, somewhat strange. If I were to wear those kind of clothes, I don’t think I could walk with it. Lastly , the impact montage which was the death of Romeo and Juliet brought sadness and so many questions in my mind.

To sum up, I did not liked the movie at all. It’s kind of stupid to commit suicide without knowing the truth.